Turn your business into a lead generation machine without cold calling, webinars or digital marketing in 30 days.

As COVID-19 impacted businesses, companies around the world have switched over to Working From Home (WFH) model. Virtual sales meeting will be the new norm. Clockwork Leads can help you generate 10x more virtual sales meetings without depending on cold calls, networking, referrals, webinars, or even digital marketing.

A game-changer sales system designed for B2B Business, Sales Team, Financial Advisors, Independent Consultants, Marketers & Agencies

"Sales prospecting is probably one of the hardest thing to do in a business"


  • You hate cold calling and don't get results from it.
  • You tried cold emails but don't little to no response.
  • You know virtual meetings is way to go, but can't seem to book them.
  • You don't have enough sales meetings to grow your revenue.
  • Digital marketing or leads generation agency are too expensive!

From the real businesses, real people.

What are people saying about this system...

"This system helped my business to book at least 15 zoom appointments per week during the COVID-19 lockdown period! The system simply amazed me."

Fung Han Wei

Sales Director,
Y-Wa Business Solutions Pte Ltd

"Amazed by how easily this system had surpassed my digital advertising activities that I have depended on last few years. The results were fast and appointments came by easily."

Elgin Ong

CEO & Founder,
Rhinovo Pte Ltd

"Got connected with many supermarkets around the world to distribute our products internationally. Acquired a new source of revenue by connecting with decision-makers." 

Ms Lee

Marketing Manager,
Fragrance Foodstuff Pte Ltd

With our "little known" blueprint & technology, you will... 

Discover how to get 10x virtual meetings without cold calling, digital ads or expensive leads generation agency!

Learn how you can create the perfect sales offer to attract buyers with budget & authority to buy your products, and repel away time-wasters.

Gain access to our 250,000,000 decision-makers database and engage with your laser-targeted audiences at their preferred platform!

Discover the secrets to autopilot your sales prospecting 24/7 without any cold calling, digital advertising, seminar, or webinar!

and best part... get sales qualified leads ORGANICALLY while building trust & branding on autopilot! 


Flood your calendar with high-quality leads.

How many deals will you close if you have 5-10 high-quality leads every single week?

We work with you to establish prospecting strategies that will flood your calendar with high quality appointments using our proprietary prospecting technologies. We will also be commencing the pre-prospecting preparation work, turning you to be "Prospecting Ready", turning you to a lead generation machine.

Drastically reduce your resources spent on digital advertising or traditional prospecting

How much time or money are you spending to get sales qualified leads (SQL)

Whether it's time or monetary resources spent on getting sales qualified leads (SQL), we want to make sure you drastically reduce them permanently. Digital marketing is over-saturated. Traditional prospecting doesn't work in the new, post-COVID-19 world.

Reverse engineer appointment setting process.

Gone are the days where you have to push meetings. Get decision-makers to book your calendar automatically.

We will introduce you to a new strategy: a framework that allow decision-makers to book your calendar like clockwork. Leverage on appointment scheduling & AI technologies to get prospects to take actions and book your calendar. Stop pushing for "no-obligation" meetings!

Be our next success story.


“With the help of remotesalesteam.io sales prospecting system & remote sales team building solution, the business was able to build an effective sales team in China, Italy, USA & Hong Kong, at a fraction of the cost of doing it ourselves. The prospecting system helped to reach to thousands of decision-makers who are in the logistic departments every month, around the world.”


“Generated $300,000 in less than 6 months, through leads generated from remotesalesteam.io sales prospecting system, targeting logistics & operation departments. Built-up a small, but effective team of 3 sales professionals hired under the Remote Talent Hub program.”





“Remotesalesteam.io implemented a sales process where the business was able to get connected with buyers, purchasers in supermarkets & wholesalers around the world to export Fragrance Salted Egg snacks. In less than 12 months, the business was able to generate more than $1 million worth of export order”



“Acquired 20 to 30 qualified leads per month via remotesalesteam.io autopilot sales prospecting system. The system was also used to invite decision-makers to webinars!”



“Latest digital transformation project stand out from competitors and finally closed over $500k during the pandemic. System was able to speak to CEO & Founders in company size of 11-50 on autopilot”



“Engaged with hundreds of high net-worth individuals that have a good income, as well as specific interest to the business area of expertise - Law of Attraction. Generated over dozens of qualified leads every month”



“In 90 days, remotesalesteam.io multi-channel prospecting system was able to generate more than 100 leads, resulting in massive engagement with decision-makers who are in charge of HR, Workforce & Security departments.”



“Software demo requests increased to which about 30% was successfully converted into customers. With remotesalesteam.io Y-Wa Business Solutions stopped digital ads such as Google & Facebook entirely.”


“With the help of remotesalesteam.io, the business was able to generate leads from target audiences who are looking for currency exchanges & remittance service. The leads have resulted in millions of dollars worth of transactions.”



“Remotesalesteam.io was able to target young adults who are looking for financial freedom & growing their wealth. The system was acquiring 40 to 50 qualified leads to register for a webinar within 1.5 weeks.”


“Around 100% increase in manufacturer/retailers sales qualified leads generated from SAP S4HANA solution as personalized engagement by remotesalesteam.io building up a solid customer relationship.”



“The solution able to get connected with individuals who are in the financial & banking industry, automating the engagement process to prospect & acquire high-quality candidates to join our financial service team."


A world class sales system that generates you more sales qualified leads than you can handle.

Your competitors are not using this. Get the unfair advantage.

It's now or never. Revolutionize your sales processes.

The world's first sales system that is designed for B2B leads generation.

The game-changer appointment setting system.

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